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Welcome from Sheila Stenson

Our new Estates Strategy, which was approved by our Board last year, covers all aspects of the Trust’s buildings, land and facilities support.

The main pillars of the Trust strategy – maintaining and investing in a safe and fit for purpose care environment, using accommodation efficiently, disposing of surplus unfit accommodation, recycling capital receipts to support the investment programme – have not changed. Over the past five years the Trust has reinvested all capital receipts from surplus property disposals in its inpatient and community estate, a figure in excess of £20m.

The strategy sets out how the Trust plans to use its buildings to support changes to the way it delivers mental health services, in particular how it is planning the use of estate to support the Trust’s clinical service delivery through clear clinical care pathways. There is a focus on how KMPT will invest in and manage its estate effectively to ensure the right kinds of buildings in the right locations to support clinical care delivery. It also describes how the Trust will harness the benefits of technology to ensure the care environment can be safe and secure while promoting the privacy, dignity and wellbeing of all who use Trust buildings.

KMPT has a clear plan to address the challenges set by the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP), whilst delivering the Forward View - NHS planning guidance 2016/17 - 2020/21, Lord Carter’s Review on NHS Trust operational productivity and Lord Naylor’s Review of NHS Property and Estates. The NHS property and estates review by Lord Naylor, published in 2017, identifies targets for NHS organisations to deliver in terms of releasing public sector assets to support housing growth, a key government objective.

KMPT has a proven track record in this area and is very proud of this. Delivering improved productivity and efficiency, as part of establishing long term financial sustainability for the Trust, will continue to be a focus for KMPT estates.

We face a number of challenges in ensuring we are able to meet the growing and changing needs of the local population. Ensuring equity of access to services for all service users, addressing diversity and inclusion, working more closely with local authority and primary care partners and keeping at the forefront of excellent, effective care interventions are all great challenges which estates play a part in as a key enabling function within the Trust. We must deploy the estate effectively to ensure all patients benefit from the high quality environment they need and deserve, as well as ensure KMPT is a welcoming place to work for all 3,000-plus members of staff, and others who may visit our facilities.

Much has changed in the wider strategic health and social care landscape over the past two years. There has been increased emphasis on partnership and collaboration across the health and care system. We are working closely with and, in many instances, leading some of this work with CCG and local authority commissioners and other NHS providers.

The recent pandemic has made us relook at our plans to ensure we are being ambitious enough with regards to how we utilise our estate. We will want to embed some of the new ways of working established as part of the pandemic response where they have added value, and the estates department, and its leadership, will have a significant role in that work.

Sheila Stenson, Executive Director of Finance